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Rescue -K9


Fast-acting, veterinary strength stool rescue.

No matter how hard we try, there will come a time for all dog owners when our dogs experience loss of stool quality. Whether this is from eating something that disagrees with them, due to stress or from sensitive digestion, it is worrying all the same.

That’s why our team of vets and nutritionists developed Rescue-K9. In each sachet, Rescue-K9 harnesses the power of….

Supercharged, fast-acting stool firming Fibres and Clay to improve the bulk, consistency and regularity of stools (Healthy Stool = Happy Gut!) and bind toxins,

Multiple strains of probiotic in an industry-leading combination for the love of dogs,

Prebiotics to further nurture the gut microbiome,

Energy source to support the cells of the digestive tract.

Each Rescue-K9 pack contains 10 sachets to have on hand when supporting your dog’s stool might be needed!




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