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Miniature Schnauzer
Shihtzu being trimmed

Clipping And Styling

Clipping and styling is done to the breed standard, or to the owner’s preference.

Grooming a mixed breed dog requires artistry and discrimination, as there are so many possibilities. Every dog has its own individuality.

With a mixed breed we can decide on a round cute face, or a longer more distinguished looking face. I can adapt a smart teddy bear clip to make your dog look appealing as well as sanitary.

Mixed breeds come in every shape and size with the larger Shepherd-mix types maintained and groomed as their namesakes. The Husky type would be groomed according to the thickness of his coat.

Owners of the small to medium sized mixed breeds such as Terrier / Poodle mix will know its just as important to have these dogs groomed on a regular basis as it is for the pure breed.

The Terrier mixes tend to have hairy textured coats, and these dogs can look good with a wire Fox Terrier clip.

Many of the Poodle mixes have woolly textured coats and the owners of these dogs often prefer them in one of the Poodle clips. However if a different style is desired for the Terrier or Poodle mix a Teddy Bear clip is an adorable cuddly alternative.

A similar idea works for the Schnoodle (Schnauzer x Poodle) with some owners wanting a Schnauzer clip if the dog has a tendency to look more like this breed. If however your Schnoodle has Schnauzer colouring but has a wooly textured Poodle coat then I can always resort to a round cuddly look of a teddy bear.

The thick coated Cockapoos are usually a challenge for dog owners to maintain between appointments if styled into a Poodle Lamb clip. 

Cockerpoos are generally more comfortable in a short style but depending on your preferences, either a Kennel clip for a Poodle look or a Teddy Bear clip with the head and face scissored shorter works well.

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