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At Vicky's Dog Care I only recommend products and services I would be prepared to use myself.

I consider myself to be in a good position to investigate and question many areas of dog health and welfare.

I will always try and give you the full picture.

I firmly believe in feeding a diet which is as natural as possible. Giving your dog the benefit of good health and vitality.

This essential factor can be easily overlooked and is frequently a confusing task, especially when faced with the huge array of food stuffs and diets available for dogs.

When either treating a specific condition, or simply looking to improve general health, diet is often the 'first rung of the ladder'.

I can discuss diet and the best feeding regime for your dog as well as advising on Dorwest herbal medicines and supplements and A-OK9 Supplements.


Although Dorwest herbal medicines / supplements and A-OK9 are effective with all feeding regimes, I believe in giving all customers the benefit of basic dietary advice ensures supplements if used, are as effective as possible, therefore giving the benefit of good health and longevity to your dog.

I will always recommend a diet that I believe will benefit your dog and will suit both the owners and dogs lifestyle from a totally impartial point of view.

In recent years there has been a huge change in the pet food market to a more natural style of feeding, with many companies producing more naturally based foods, ranging from pre-prepared complete style diets, to packaged wet foods and frozen raw meats.

Unfortunately there are still many low quality foods available with a huge range of additives, colourings and other by-products. I will always do my best to answer any questions you may have to help you get a food that meets the best possible quality standards.


Food may not solely be a cause of a problem but in many cases can dramatically contribute to it. Looking after your dogs digestive health is essential for their overall health.



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