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health check

Dog Health Check

Your dog’s welfare is my number one priority. No matter how well I know your dog I will always carry out a health check at each grooming session.

I will be looking for any common “doggy” issues such as signs of allergies or eczema, or any specific issues common to your dog’s breed.

Regular grooming appointments for any breed of dog, regardless of coat type, can have many benefits. It is also an excellent time to check on other aspects of your dog’s health that might otherwise be missed.

The health check I carry out is a very important step in your dogs grooming appointment. It gives me important information, that I need to relay to you, regarding your pet's overall exterior health.

I am not a vet: I can only give my personal opinion. This is based on over 29 years of owning, grooming, showing, handling and breeding dogs. My advice is always based on my personal experience and knowledge. I handle every situation as if it were my own dog.

You should ALWAYS take up any health concern with your vet.

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