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Dog being brushed
Dog Grooming Brushes and Combs


All dogs benefit from gentle, calm attention to their needs. Before bathing they must be brushed and combed.

Gentle brushing removes dead hair and debris. This simple action separates the hair and at the same time stimulates circulation.

Matted hair must be combed out before bathing. Hair follicles expand in water, so matted hair becomes even more of a tangle. Drying shrinks hair into an even tighter knot and it becomes impossible to completely rinse the shampoo away. Imagine the mess if the grooming procedure isn't followed correctly.

De-matting should never be tortuous. Dogs have different degrees of tolerance. Some animals do not seem to mind the tugging involved, while others get extremely upset with just the smallest amount of pulling. De-matting should never cause a dog stress.

If I don't think it's possible, or fair on your dog, to remove matted hair or knots with a brush and comb then I will clip the coat off with a clipper. Please refer to my grooming policy.

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