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dorwest herbs

Herbal Products for dogs and cats since 1948


Dorwest produce the largest range of licensed veterinary herbal medicines in the UK, proven to be safe, effective and pure for over 40 years. Also a unique range of herbal supplements made to the same exacting standards as their medicines.

They have a medicines licensed premises, trained personnel and even an on-site laboratory, enabling them to have complete control on their products from formulation to manufacture through to packing and distribution.


They carry out stability testing on all their products to ensure that they have the same strength and effectiveness throughout their three year shelf life.

All Dorwest products are made in Britain. Herbs are sourced as locally as possible from cultivated or sustainable wild sources. No GM ingredients are used, or unethical animal testing procedures.


Dorwest Veterinary Trained

I am passionate about keeping dogs happy and healthy.

Dorwest herbal products are available at Vicky's Dog Care.


If you need advice I am only too happy to help. 


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