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Dematting Policy

If you like your doggie fluffy,

With fur that's long and soft,

Then keep him brushed and combed at home,

or I will shave it off!

I groom humanley

I will ATTEMPT to de-mat a coat only if I feel the dog will not suffer pain. I have over 25 years experience and specialist tools at Vicky’s dog care to de-mat a coat so this will always be my first port of call before considering shaving that part of the coat off.

It is the OWNERS duty of care towards their dog to maintain their dogs coat between professional grooming’s. If owners fail to attend to their dogs coat, then in the interests of the dog, I will shave off matted areas to prevent unnecessary suffering.

I will be more than happy to show you how to look after your dog’s coat so as to prevent knots and Matts from every forming.

When a dog is presented to me in a severely matted condition, it is my policy to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade.

To de-matt would cause the animal tremendous stress and discomfort, often leaving a very thinned and damaged coat. Shaving the coat is quicker and gentler on the animal. Many dogs can be traumatized by unnecessary hours of de-matting, putting them off grooming for life. I consider shaving an act of kindness.

matting leads to many skin conditions

  • Hot spots and sores

  • Skin Rash

  • Flea infestations

  • Fungal and bacterial infection

  • Yeast infections

  • Moist eczema

  • Urine and faeces scalding

  • Mites and lice

  • Maggot infestation

  • Eye and ear infections

  • Severe itching

  • Discolouration/staining of fur, also parasites such as fleas and ticks can be present without your knowledge, because the matted coat hides them.

A matted coat that has to be clipped off may reveal problems due to the long-term neglect. Problems, caused by the inability of the skin to breath properly, may include sores, skin infections and parasites. A dog upset by any of these may have been chewing its skin in an effort to alleviate irritation that is inflamed.

Dogs feel different after a matted coat is clipped off; the majority of dogs feel lighter, cooler and full of life. Very matted coats can be heavy and hot, therefore when they are removed, some find this new sensation strange and may take time to adapt to the feeling. The removal of a large weight of hair from a dog’s ears may cause ear-shaking and scratching, leading to Haematoma (rupturing of small blood-vessels) in the ear.

Regardless of whether you like the dogs new look, they will feel 100% better which

prevention is better than the cure

Don't wait until your dog is knotted and matted again; book regular appointments in advance, to ensure your dog always feels good and well cared for. This could also save you possible unnecessary vetinary bills.

Be assured that at Vicky’s Dog Care I will always put your dog's welfare first. I will not and cannot justify hours of torture because a dogs coat has simply been neglected or groomed incorrectly. Coats grow back surprisingly quickly, but most importantly:


Dematting can be a lengthy and tedious exercise for your dog, and for me. Extra time means fewer available booking slots for other clients. Vicky’s Dog Care already operates a waiting list. I will therefore have to charge extra for my time.

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