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Grooming Policy

Your Dogs Care

During the grooming process all care is taken to ensure the health of your dog is considered and your dog’s visit is as pleasant as possible. I am not liable for any medical conditions uncovered by the grooming procedure.

Every client is asked to sign a Care Authority Form before I accept your dog for grooming. This gives consent to place your dog in my care. It also gives me permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment for your dog in an emergency.

Any advice I give regarding any health issues I’ve noticed with your dog should always be checked out by your vet.


In the event of matted fur needing to be clipped off, the owner should be aware that irritation might occur from the shaving process. By signing the Care Authority Form an owner agrees that Vicky at Vicky’s Dog Care shall not be held liable for any problems 'uncovered' on a badly matted neglected coat. Please see my Dematting policy.

Aggressive Dogs

It is the owner’s responsibility to inform me prior to grooming if your dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies. I reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog for the safety of your dog and myself.


Missed appointments will incur a fee this also applies to cancellations with less than 24 hours notice given. Please see my Missed Appointment Policy. 

Please make sure your dog has relieved itself prior to grooming.

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