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 Introducing Bug-K9. Ditch the itch, ditch the chemicals!


All-in-one immune boosting anti-parasitic that combats fleas and worms in one simple and easy to give formula. 🤩🤩


You Know About Chemical Control (Spot Ons, Tablets & Collars!). Now Introducing A-OK9 Bug-K9 Superfood Control!

A unique blend containing the following superfoods:

Pumpkin Seeds

In a study undertaken looking at the usefulness of pumpkin seeds on tapeworm it found that Pumpkin seeds had a 75% success rate in elimination and prevention of tapeworm.

Black Cumin Seeds

Used for centuries as a traditional remedy against all stages of intestinal parasites. Studies have shown that it seems to reduce the ability of the parasite to lay eggs and attach itself to the intestinal wall whilst damaging the adult worm, leaving it more susceptible to the dogs immune system


Perennial herb, Fennel is rich in potassium, zinc and vitamin C. Fennel is also an excellent source of the essential oils anethole, limonene, anisic aldehyde, pinene, myrcene, fenchone and cineole. Anethole in particular has been found to have powerful antimicrobial properties but is also thought to be effective against worms and parasites due to the volatile oil. Anethole also gives fennel its characteristic anise flavour.


In animal research, both ginger powder and ginger extract had anthelmintic effects, meaning reductions of up to 66.6% in parasitic eggs per gram (EPG) of faeces on day 10 of post- treatment in sheep.


Studies have shown that Cinnamon works in conjunction with Ginger to reduce infection of Giardia.


A whole host of other natural superfoods, including Peppermint, Selenium, Vitamin A and Zinc. All of which having been clinically proven to have beneficial properties in the treatment and prevention of parasitic infections.


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